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Neo Contra – Review Episode 262

Welcome to the Moral Gamer Show We’re taking a look at NeoContra Before we get going I want to ask you a question. Are you a Contra Fan? Did you prefer the top down or side scrolling Contra games? Which one did you like, and why? Please leave that in the comments below.

Neo Contra kicks off with a story about 4 Elite Contras These elite contra guys are basically the “Ultimate” warriors. They are attempting to spread Alien infestation or something…?? The story was very forgettable and a wash. It’s your typical Contra Story. Who cares??

The Run and Gun is where it’s at. The run and gun pits you over the top Like the odd missions in Contra 3 Alien Wars Now you’re moving around and you have to worry about aiming You can hold a shoulder button to lock your aim direction. Kudos to Konami I would’ve preferred if you could use the right-stick to aim. And move with the left-stick. Playstation 2 era, they didn’t think like that I could feasibly ignore this, but I’m still disappointed in them. You only have a set list of guns.

It’s not like other contra games where you pick up guns along the way. You could be like “hey, I got the charge shot, I got the scatter shot” I got lazer In this one, you have to choose from a set list of gun combinations. For me, I’m using the C-Type Which is the Spreadshot, Fireblast, and Lightning guns That works best for me. If you find that you prefer the machine gun, choose A If you like the charged shot, choose B Have fun with it. Enemies are cannon fodder This is what makes contra games beautiful. Not only do they throw enemies at you, they throw so many enemies and bullets that you have small windows in which to dodge.

You have to be aware of everything that’s happening. There’s a lot happening here. It really puts your reflexes to the test. Bosses are like every other contra.

Freaky, weird, I don’t know if Iwant to use the term creative But they’re definitely some weird, creative juices going here. Bosses range from this… Infantivore, Alligator, Plant thingy To Plant Contra This odd cyborg with a hose in its stomach Wait, that’s Lucia from Shattered Soldier Proving this game’s story comes after Shattered Soldier They have some weird bosses here That’s expected in a Contra game Weird, freaky stuff happening all over the place. Is this the right game for you? I…love… Contra Grew up on Contra I can still Up Up Down Down like the rest of ’em But the thing about this one is that I don’t like the overhead view If you remove the “Contra”name from it, Some of the memories would be gone from it But Ireally don’t want to associate this game with Contra. I’d rather call it Generic Top-Down Shooter 16 Anyrate, does it do it?

It’s good enough for a Contra game Morally speaking… You have blood Well, the sexualization of Lucia Guns Guns, guns guns guns Issues with this and you may not want your kids to play it. Also have Alien themes as aliens invade If any of this is problematic, you may not want your kids to play Hey though, this is NeoContra for the Playstation 2 Iwant to hear from you Did you like the top-down Contra games, or prefer the side-scrolling games? Remember to leave your comments below And as always, Like, Subscribe, Comment, and Share I look forward to seeing you next time with another review. #Outro Music

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