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No Limit Texas Hold’em at The Encore

The Oncasinogames casino room is one of the best in Canada. It’S my personal favorite parking comes free as long as you’re playing poker or if you have a red card, the games are great. The floor is great and the dealers are great.

What negatives do I have to say about the Encore? Well, the food is expensive, it’s good, but it’s expensive and that’s about it. It’S also the closest walk from the parking structure to the poker room, which is why I’m here today, my buddy. He got injured in basketball, but he wants to play. You wanted to know the closest proximity poker room to parking, and I said the Encore.

So here we are I’m on the list for one three No Limit and the one to PLO game. My buddy wants to play a little two five, so I might hop in that I might shortstack, I might deep stack. The future is unknown.

All I know is I’m gon na keep a positive attitude and do my best to win some money tonight. Let’S get it arrived at the Encore seat available at one three, so I hop right in there I could buy in for a hundred, but it’s my birthday, I’m gon na splurge a little I’m buying for the maximum five hundred yeah. I play five hands and then I get called for the two five-game my buddy’s here to play that so I hopped right in and he informs me that he’s going to give me a free roll, that’s right, free roll! I love free stuff, 50/50. Profit split. Whatever happens on the session starting off with $ 500, let’s make a profit when $ 120 first hand after defending the big blind with King Jack flopping trips and getting to streets of value and we’re up to six hundred and twenty.

My friend gets it all in on the turn, with a set of fours and holds for a $ 3,000 pot, three with blinds at two dollars. Five dollars under the gun opens to 20 under the gun, plus one calls the cutoff calls the small blind calls and we have king queen and the big blind. I really want amok get a good price, but maybe I’m getting bad reverse implied odds, so we flick in the fifteen. The flop comes King, deuce deuce.

I check under the gun checks under the gun, plus one bets 50. The button calls the small blindfolds and its back to me what is under the gun, plus one call with, and was the button call with betting into a five-way pot. Just one of them have ace king, probably not just one of them have a deuce, also pretty unlikely.

Unless it’s specifically ace deuce feels very weak, but we put in the fold. They go heads up to a turn in river and in the end he has deuce. Three of hearts on the button, so he takes that down and we make a good discipline fold with blinds at $ 2 $ 5 there’s one guy that plays every single hand and he’s really really making the game enjoyable, everyone’s kind of gunning for him. So I’m gon na do my best to get his money, my buddy’s on my right and he limps under the gun plus two. I look down at pocket, queens and five hundred and fifty dollars all the regular to my left and the two weakest players are in the blind. So I limp figuring, I’m gon na get I sewed, there’s gon na be some calls, and I can back raise Asian male age 21 to 35 raises on my left at $ 30 cut-off calls both blinds call and my buddy calls so perfect spot to over limb.

Back raise make it 175 to go Asian male and my left things for a while and shoves all in for 800 action. Folds back to me, and I got to stick with the plan we put in the call. The board runs out: nine nine five, four deuce.

Definitely think he has Ace King here until he turns over pocket aces and we get stacked. My buddy gives me the green light to reload we’re still under the same plan now in for 1200. Let’S come back strong and make a profit for both of us with blinds at $ 2 $ 5 there’s a $ 10 straddle under the gun. We’Re currently seven handed under the gun, plus one makes it 25.

The cut off calls 25. I’M on the button with four hundred and thirty five dollars and pocket jacks. So putting the three bets are 125. The small blind flat calls. Oh, the straddler folds under the gun, plus one calls and the cut off folds for three ways to a flop. I have three hundred and ten dollars behind.

Even if a low flop comes, I’m afraid, one or both of them has small mid pairs. Flop comes nine, eight three, two hearts at the Jack of Hearts: action checks to us, and I think we only have one move here: I’m all-in three hundred and ten dollars. Small blind goes in the tank and folds and out of the gun, plus one folds. We take it down. I end the night with just under $ 700 in for 1200 for a net loss of $ 500. Unfortunately, my friend loses 500, since he gave me the full free roll and we lost zero for a break-even night.

We did not profit really appreciate the opportunity, an excellent free birthday. What I’ll never forget for my 35th if you play live poker, the poker bankroll tracker available for free in the App Store is a must-have. The built in hand. History replay is vital for reviewing your own hands or showing your friends for further discussion, create a live cash game list of friends and be alerted when those friends are playing in a casino near you download the free poker bankroll tracker app today create an account and Comment below and I’ll be giving away ten one-year memberships to the pro version for free, good luck, guys